Make Better, Data-Driven Decisions

Begin creating surveys and receiving customer feedback easily.



Reduce Costs

Make every diner a mystery diner. Receive regular and unbiased feedback.

Unify Your Brand

Identify which locations poorly represent your brand for consistent brand recognition.

Monitor Programs

Measure policies meant to increase customer satisfaction or drive higher sales.


Increase Upsell

Find out what tempts diners to spend more. Develop strategies to help staff successfully cross-sell and upsell items on a regular basis.

Act Fast

Respond to negative diner experiences on the spot. Start the conversation early and they'll share the good news.

Assess Staff

Assess and reward staff with measurable KPIs. Filter data by shift to pinpoint low-performing employees.

Enhance Operations

Get the right info to the right people. Head office can compare stores while managers react in the moment.

Increase Loyalty

Determine NPS® targets and track store progress. Turn diners into brand ambassadors.

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Improve Experience

Shift away from traditional selling and create lifetime relationships. Discover what matters to your guests.

Optimize Marketing

Determine which channels are most effective and adjust your budget accordingly.

Target Campaigns

Create detailed customer profiles for targeted marketing. Understand customer behaviour and anticipate their needs.

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Enhance your customer experience

Monitor your performance

Improve your bottom line

Make strategic decisions