Five Star Service: Case Study #1

Every day, our guest messaging automation platform helps hundreds of hotels generate five star reviews on Tripadvisor and other online review sites. How? By creating more meaningful connections with their guests! Here is an actual exchange between a guest and our hotel partner that helped improve their experience.

Conversation Exchange

Public Review

This property experiences regular confusion from guests around what amenities are provided with its kitchen suites, despite their efforts to communicate the details on their website and at the time of booking.

The initial Helix Help response, is set up as an automation in our platform, set to be sent out when specific keywords like “cookware” or “kitchen” are mentioned by a guest and does not require any manual intervention from staff to quickly triage. When the guest responded with “Thanks for the quick response, that would be great!” Helix notified the hotel’s concierge who then manually responded asking for details and resolving the issue.

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