Five Star Service: Case Study #3

Every day, our guest messaging automation platform helps hundreds of hotels generate five star reviews on Tripadvisor and other online review sites. How? By creating more meaningful connections with their guests! Here is an actual exchange between a guest and our hotel partner that helped improve their experience.

Conversation Exchange

Public Review

In this case, the front desk is attentive but not in the way the guest likely expected. Shortly after implementing Helix at their property, a similar situation involving spoiled milk had come up and the front office manager not only resolved that issue but had the foresight to go into Helix and set up an automation that would catch the words “milk” or “cream” in a guest message, issuing the response, above, and notifying the kitchen manager.

The fact that the fridge had been unplugged did not need to factor into this service recovery and the front desk likely never even realized there was an issue in the first place.

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