Five Star Service: Case Study #4

Every day, our guest messaging automation platform helps hundreds of hotels generate five star reviews on Tripadvisor and other online review sites. How? By creating more meaningful connections with their guests! Here is an actual exchange between a guest and our hotel partner that helped improve their experience.

Conversation Exchange

Public Review

We find that a critical aspect of service recovery that leads to 5-star reviews is the ability for guest issues to be acknowledged quickly, even if addressing the issue requires escalation or it can’t be resolved right away for a variety of reasons. In this case, the property has an automated message set up to go out in the event of certain words being used by guests; “terrible” in the exchange, above.

A smaller property operating with minimal staff through the pandemic, they understood that addressing issues quickly is half the battle. The manager was able to contact the guest directly a short while after the message was received, moved their room, and offered a $50 credit for the inconvenience.

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