Helix Helps – Micro Use Case N°1

Here’s how Micrometrics’ Helix platform helps thousands of frontline service providers engage with millions of guests more efficiently and effectively, improving the quality of their experience.

Meet Alyssa.

Alyssa is the front desk manager at a large downtown hotel.

Like many leaders in the industry, she is struggling with two key issues; #1. finding housekeeping staff, meaning she can only provide a limited schedule with room cleaning on request at specified times only, and #2. a significant increase in front desk call volume due to shortages in essential guest supplies like shampoo, coffee, towels,and cleaning products for her housekeeping team.

Neither of these challenges are Alyssa’s fault, they are global issues facing our industry, and while she understands and is sympathetic to them (and with her valued suppliers), her days are becoming increasingly stressful as the occupancy at her hotel returns to pre-pandemic levels.

To make matters worse, her OTA ratings are dropping, internal guest satisfaction scores are suffering, and her hotel’s status with the brand is in jeopardy.

Here’s how Helix helps gain full control over proactive guest communication.

Proactive guest communication.

By deploying Helix, Alyssa has full control over proactive guest communication at her property. This is critical for her to eliminate surprises and explain, in general terms, the problems that are out of her control.

Keep guests informed and encourage communication at all times.

As the guests log into the wifi landing page, drop down bulletins can provide them information about the housekeeping schedule. She can include her property text messaging number on the bulletin, for guests to request a housekeeping visit or specific items such as fresh towels quickly and easily.

Make connections easy and convenient.

Scannable QR codes in the room will also allow guests to request specific needs such as garbage collection or clean water glasses.

Expedite the service response by assigning tasks to members of the team and follow up with the guests for quality assurance.

Alyssa can ‘quarterback’ all of the requests that are received and assign them to her team from inside the Helix Portal. She can acknowledge the guests and provide approximate service visit times, and follow up by text message to ensure satisfaction has been met.

While Alyssa is faced with challenges that are beyond her control, she CAN control her team’s ability to provide the very best services possible via proactive and honest communication with their guests, intelligently allocating resources where they are most needed, and by simply letting her guests know how and when services can be requested.

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