How Helix by MicroMetrics Improved Problem Resolution and Heartbeat Scores at the Holiday Inn Colchester

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“[Getting Helix] would be 100% the best thing you ever did. When you look at the cost of running the program versus the return, it is a viable cost for your business. For our culture, it definitely has been. Helix is a very simple but a very useful tool to our organization. We are proud of the results that have happened, and we couldn’t have done it without Helix. It’s brilliant.”

– Gemma Evangelista, General Manager (The Holiday Inn Colchester)

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About The Holiday Inn Colchester

The Holiday Inn Colchester offers warm luxury in scenic Colchester, one of the oldest towns in the United Kingdom. The 110-room property provides modern rooms, generous comforts and outstanding service to both corporate and family guests. Surrounded by lush gardens, the conveniently located Holiday Inn Colchester promotes itself as a tranquil retreat, with all the luxuries of home and beyond.

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About Helix By MicroMetrics

Helix powers memorable guest experiences for the world’s top hotel brands. From New York to Hong Kong, Helix is recognized the world over for delivering a highly engaging and satisfying hospitality experience.

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