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Micrometrics designs Contactless Communication tools that have helped thousands of frontline service providers engage with millions of people more efficiently and effectively, improving the quality of their experience. rn

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Helix for Hotels

Optimize your hotel’s service delivery with a collaboration platform used by thousands of associates from the world’s top hospitality brands.

For nearly a decade, Micrometrics’ mission has been to improve the communication experience between frontline workers and the people they serve.

Helix: Excellence in Hospitality

Helix by MicroMetrics is a tailor-made suite of experience management solutions that powers personal and timely service recovery, improves internal communications and generates guest loyalty.rn

Empower Your Team to Deliver Memorable Experiences


By collecting large volumes of real-time CX feedback, our software passively monitors your day-to-day operations.


Turning in-the-moment data into insights, we help you understand which actions make the greatest impact on your customers.


Designed with team collaboration in mind, our solutions enable purpose-driven communication to deliver exceptional service.

“When everyone is using the system, no guest issues fall through the cracks. It ensures the guests know their concerns are being heard, are valid, and will be resolved.”

Adey Adewinmbi

Assistant Director of Room Operations – InterContinental Los Angeles

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