MicroMetrics donating $2 million worth of patient communication software to healthcare practices

As COVID-19 meets flu season this fall, the Ottawa-based technology company is deploying resources towards this important public health initiative.

This fall, healthcare practices are preparing for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic being amplified when flu season sets in. To provide assistance in keeping their frontline reception staff, and the patients they serve, safe and supported over the next several months, the Contactless Communication Platform, MicroMetrics , today announced it will donate $2 million worth of software to doctors clinics, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, massage therapy clinics, and other healthcare practices.

MicroMetrics has provided technology tools to thousands of frontline hospitality, travel, and retail workers to safely engage with more than 15 million people over the last seven years.

As the flu season, and possible second COVID-19 wave approach, the need for quick and concise communication between patients and their health care providers will be amplified further.

For instance:

  • As many practices do not keep email addresses on file, it will not be sustainable to call every patient to communicate flu season protocols.
  • Clinics are experiencing a ~3x increase in call volume during COVID-19, creating challenges for patients to connect with reception for appointment booking, confirmations, and urgent care requests.
  • Waiting rooms will continue to be a source of concern, as patients that require an in-person visit are often the most high-risk.

MicroMetrics Healthcare is an SMS-based, Contactless Communication solution that helps frontline healthcare receptionists engage with their patients in a more safe and sustainable way, resolving these challenges.

A clinic can be up and running in less than 30 minutes and save upwards of 100 patient phone calls each day thanks to practice-specific messaging templates and automated workflows. The platform ensures a smoother patient experience before, during, and after their appointment while also reducing the need for in-person conversations with reception and avoiding time spent in waiting rooms.

“I have just been introduced to a critical piece of communication software for primary care offices: an SMS messaging service to manage patient bookings, customer service inquiries and infection prevention guidance. This is going to be a GAME CHANGER as we prepare for the COVID-19 and influenza season.”

Alykhan Abdulla, MD, Assistant Professor – The University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, Board Director – Bruyere Foundation

MicroMetrics is receiving advisory services and research and development funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to help pivot its current product offering (largely aimed at the hospitality, travel, and transportation industries) and develop its solution for healthcare teams to better serve their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will be offering the new Contactless Communication Platform to approximately 4,500 healthcare practices from September to December, 2020.

“COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on our healthcare system, creating greater pressure on clinic wait times and in-person care. We are providing our technology to help protect patients and their loved ones at clinics all across Canada and assist healthcare professionals deliver effective care despite the ongoing changes created by this pandemic. By empowering clinic staff to communicate with their patients in a safe, secure, and scalable manner, we are doing our part in helping frontline teams automate basic communication to refocus on what matters most – patient care.”

– Artem Abramov, CEO, MicroMetrics

To learn more about MicroMetrics Healthcare’s Contactless Communication Platform, frontline healthcare workers are encouraged to visit http://www.micrometrics.com/healthcare. On the website, there is an option for patients to send an email to their existing healthcare providers, notifying them of the donation being offered.

For nearly a decade, MicroMetrics’ mission has been to improve the communication experience between frontline workers and the people they serve.

Originally focussed exclusively on the hospitality industry, helping the world’s top hotel brands create memorable guest experiences, unravel missed in-stay service opportunities, and cultivating deep-rooted relationships with loyal guests to drive direct bookings, MicroMetrics now provides its Contactless Communication Platform to a variety of frontline focused service providers. Regardless of the industry we are serving, our partners rely on MicroMetrics to help them deliver a safe, secure, and scalable experience to their guests, patients, shoppers, travellers, or whatever form their customers take.

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