Top Tools for Hoteliers & Hospitality Professionals 2018

Hoteliers have a passion for guest service, and a dedication to providing each and every guest with memorable experiences. In order to so, they must have the right supporting tools. Below is a list of the leading companies and the solutions hoteliers should be using to increase the efficiency of their property and to provide guests with exceptional experiences:


  1. Opera (by Oracle Hospitality): Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services offers comprehensive capabilities for hotels to enhance guest experiences and improve their operational efficiency.
  2. Sky Touch: SkyTouch Hotel OS® aids hotels with property & distribution management, driving revenue for hotel chains and franchises.
  3. Mews Systems: This property management solution is powerful, easy to use, and works on any device connected to the Internet.
  4. Ezee Techosys: With 10+ years in the industry, Ezee Techosys offers hotel management PMS software.
  5. myCloud Hospitality PMS: This powerful & affordable solution allows hotels to set up parameters to suit their hotel property operations.
  6. StayNTouch: A hotel management platform that offers a PMS-overlay and guest service capabilities.
  7. Innkeeper (B&B Operations & Marketing): With features like an online reservation system, mobile booking engine, website marketing control center, Inkeeper puts hoteliers in control.
  8. Cloudbeds (Myfrontdesk): Cloudbeds simplifies hoteliers lives through their all-in-one hotel management system.
  9. Protel (PMS): Hotel management software for every type of hotel, with full cloud PMS, server-based SMS, and mobile PMS.
  10. Maestro PMS (Northwind): Maestro streamlines all areas of hotel and resort operations.
  11. ResNexus: ResNexus gives hoteliers more hours in the day by streamlining operations.


  1. Revinate: Revinates easy to use CRM and email marketing solution can segment guests, create, and send targeted emails in under an hour.
  2. Oaky: This upsell platform allows hotels to maximise profit and enhance the guest experience.
  3. Travel Tripper (Digital Agency): Travel Tripper’s hotel booking and digital marketing solutions help hotels to optimize conversions, expand reach, and generate demand.
  4. Triptease: This direct booking platform easily integrates with a hotel’s existing booking engine and website to better engage with guests and increase conversion rates.
  5. SiteMinder (Booking Button): SiteMinder attracts, reaches and converts guests.
  6. TrustYou: Leverage traveler insights to improve your hotel’s marketing.
  7. Nor1: This solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize pricing and provide real-time targeted offers.
  8. Navis: Navis empowers your teams performance and increases your revenue.
  9. HEBS: HEBS increases direct bookings by deploying best-of-breed digital technology, consulting and marketing.
  10. Guestfolio (by Cendyn): Guestfolio offers marketing automation and guest intelligence for boutique and independent hotels.


  1. Helix By MicroMetrics: Helix by Micrometrics is a tailor-made solution that helps the world’s top hotel brands to create memorable experiences, unravel missed in-stay service opportunities, cultivate deep-rooted relationships with guests and elevate return on investment.
  2. Sabre: Sabre consolidates guest information to build comprehensive guest profiles.
  3. Digital Alchemy: This tool provides CRM messaging and digital marketing solutions for hotels, resorts and spas.
  4. Guestware: This guest experience management software offers CRM and Service Optimization in a single platform.
  5. Cendyn: Cendyn offers a CRM integration that allows hoteliers to use data to re-engage guests.  
  6.  This tool helps hotels have authentic conversations and strong relationships with guests.
  7. Handy: Handy uplifts revenue and guest satisfaction.



  1. Trustwave: Truswave helps hotels protect data and reduce security risk.  
  2. Datavision Technologies: This solution streamlines and standardizes the delivery of important information to the right people at the right time.
  3. Time Target (HumanForce): This workforce management tool clearly tells staff where they’re needed and when they’re needed.
  4. Aptech (Targetvue): Provides business accounting, budgeting, and forecasting.


  1. IDeaS: IDeaS is a pricing and revenue management software that has priced more than one million guest rooms.
  2. Travelclick (iHotelier): This tool enables hotels to maximize revenue by providing the right information to acquire the right guests at the right price, convert shoppers and retain guest relationships.
  3. OTA Insight: OTA Insight drives occupancy through using the latest business intelligence and data technologies.
  4. SiteMinder (The Channel Manager): SiteMinder pools inventory to put more rooms online and reduce overbookings.
  5. HotelIQ: HotelIQ creates more accurate forecasts to increase revenue.
  6. Duetto: Duetto analyzes revenue and forecast performance across your entire hotel in real time, and much more!
  7. Kriya: Kriya offers a complete hotel revenue solution, featuring advanced analytics and dedicated revenue managers.
  8. Cubilis: The Cubilis Channel Manager manages availability & prices for numerous booking channels.
  9. Knowland (Meeting Intelligence): Knowland’s products enable portfolio revenue-growth strategies, market share gains and group trend forecasting.


  1. Amadeus Sales and Event Management: This tool streamlines communication and collaboration among customers and internal teams.
  2. Cvent: This easy to use solution maximizes the impact of meetings and events of all sizes.
  3. Meeting Broker (by Amadeus): This solution helps venues increase their number of online leads.
  4. Quore: As a powerful operational management tool, Quore changes the way you work with colleagues, interact with guests, and operate your hotel.


  1. Beyond Pricing: Beyond Pricing automates pricing for Airbnb and vacation rentals.
  2. BNB Buddy: BNB Buddy helps you manage your Airbnb.
  3. Everbooked: This solution increases your revenue and occupancy rate with automatic pricing, comps and market reports.
  4. Guesthop: Guesthop helps manage your listing with full-service short-term property management.   
  5. GuestReady: This solution optimizes your Airbnb listing, pricing and occupancy.
  6. Guesty: Guesty makes vacation rental businesses easier to manage.
  7. Hostfully: Hostfully enables property managers to enhance the guest experience.
  8. Hostmaker: Hostmaker is a full-service hospitality provider for homes on Airbnb.
  9. Kigo: Kigo provides vacation rental managers critical features in one easy to use solution, such as: reservation management, distribution marketing and revenue management.
  10. Lavanda: Lavanda combines hospitality, technology and data to uncover the true value of every London property.

By using these tools to increase the efficiency of your property, you and your staff can focus on more important matters — like serving your guests!


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