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The Complete Communication Suite for Customer-Centric Enterprises

MicroMetrics builds the most intelligent communication solutions for business and enterprise. Whether you’re a hotel operator looking to increase guest satisfaction scores and streamline internal operations, a government organization looking to connect with visitors in your city, or a brick-and-mortar business looking to improve customer satisfaction, MicroMetrics’ adaptable solutions are built to ensure your teams provide the best possible service to your loyal customers.

Together is Better

Our solutions work seamlessly together, allowing enterprises to turn interactions into memorable experiences.

Helix Portal

All of our solutions in one place, the Helix Portal provides you with tools to communicate with your guests, monitor staff engagement, and draw insights to improve internal guest satisfaction metrics, from feedback provided by your team and guests.

Helix Mobile

Solve guest issues on the go, bring all your team’s conversations to one place, and build lasting relationships with your guests through Helix Mobile.

What Drives Us

We Understand Customers

With thousands of customers and counting — spanning from small to large enterprises — we understand the importance of relentless commitment to your customers and their needs.

We Understand Service

Our team consists of customer-driven innovators and service-industry veterans, this results in diverse points of view, yet blends together with a united belief in the necessity of functional and forward-thinking solutions.

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