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MicroMetrics donating $2 million worth of patient communication software to healthcare practices
As COVID-19 meets flu season this fall, the Ottawa-based technology company is deploying resources towards this important public health initiative. […]
J.D. Power and Micrometrics Collaborate to help North American Airports Recover from COVID-19
J.D. Power and Micrometrics Collaborate to help North American Airports Recover from COVID-19 with Contactless Passenger Engagement Platform In these […]
How Hotels Are Giving Guests More Power Over Their Stay
Giving guests the chance to customize more aspects of their stay sends the message that the hotel's staff is there to provide the exact kind of travel experience that the guest wants. Here a few examples of how hotels are doing this:
Tourism Trends to Watch in London
The tourism landscape for London, and the United Kingdom as a whole, has largely been viewed through the lens of […]
Hotel News Update #3 November 2019 – January 2020
Our latest roundup of hotel industry news covers a number of challenges that hospitality professionals will be dealing with in early 2020. From limited growth in key metrics to labour shortages and virus scares, here is what has made the headlines over the last few months:
Tourism Trends to Watch in New York City
Over the last few years, New York City has experienced record numbers of visitors, standing out as a bright spot in the United States tourism landscape.
The Challenge of Responding to Negative Reviews
Responding to negative reviews is essential to preserving your hotel's online image, but even the best response can't please everyone.
How Hotels Can Master the Little Things
There is no single secret to guest satisfaction, but hotels that master these key details will be on track to provide a phenomenal experience.
Top Hospitality Events & Conferences 2020
To help you get a sense of what the year has to offer, here are 50 of the best trade shows happening in 2020.